The Buffalo Jugglers are an informal group of juggling enthusiasts whose aim is to promote and teach juggling to anyone with a desire to learn. As an informal group (or "flash mob") the Buffalo Jugglers are not a club, and no fees or dues are collected at meetings. As juggling enthusiasts, we welcome with open arms anyone interested in "throwing up" with us at any of our normal meeting places.

When the Buffalo Jugglers are invited to appear at community service or charity events, those jugglers who attend do so as volunteers for the charity or community organization. We bring our prop bags and entertain adults and children, or teach informal juggling workshops to those daring enough to approach us. We do not charge fees for our appearances, though sometimes we are graciously fed lunch or dinner, along with the event's other volunteers.

If you are looking for a professional juggler or stage performer, please contact any of the professionals listed on our Juggling Resources page. These Buffalo Jugglers attempt to make a living from their strange skill set, so throw them a bone if you're hosting a party or special event!